New Raise Up! B1 Book

6 thoughts on “New Raise Up! B1 Book”

  1. I can’t find out hw to order. Also, my older than 60 students do not have internet connection connections. Can I buy it in print form for them, or do I buy and then print? Also, went I sent a message, I had to log into WordPress. I am not sure how to contact you.

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    1. Hi Paul, thanks for your question. The books are available on pdf, so you can send the pages you need to your students before the lesson and they can open it on their computer or print it themselves. Alternatively you could open the pdf on your computer and share your screen with them. Hope that helps!


  2. I just heard about you for the first time from a LinkedIn professional connection. I’m so happy to hear about this publication. It’s soooo important for our times! Thank you! Going to order my copy now. ☮️

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  3. Hello I’m so happy, finally someone is writing about us, the original people, as a Mapuche person and teacher of english I celebrate this material and want to have it for my classes, I wonder if teacher’s book and resources are availabe too. Thanks (Mañum)


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